Assassins by Stephen Sondheim
Contemporary Theatre of Boston College
Bonn Studio Theatre
Director: Jenna Corcoran & Joey McCarthy
Stage Manager: Alex LaTorre
Lighting Design: Samuel J. Biondolillo
Scenic Design: Taylor Tranfaglia
Sound Design: Kyle Hanscome
Costume Design: Bridget Galvin

Assassins brings together the various people who have either successfully or unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate a U.S. President.  We set the production on a boardwalk of an old rundown carnival.  Prop guns were used the entire show felt like a game.  The assassins are in pursuit of the prize, the fame, the glory of being known.  The environment shifted between the various worlds connected by a limbo where all the assassins come together in club like form.  The lighting way the main communicate of the shift between real time and this timeless universe of past assassins and those who are just about to join.